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After School Activities

The aim of the programme is to enrich students’ learning experiences beyond the classroom.  The ASAC contributes to the development of school spirit and pride in individual and group achievements. It provides students with the opportunity to develop their creative and team skills.

The ASAC exists to:

  • support pupils’ participation in inter-school and regional activities and other activities
  • provide pupils with opportunity to develop their leadership skills
  • develop pupils’ sense of commitment and responsibility
  • provide pupils with enjoyment and relaxation.

The CCP has three broad strands:

  • Performing/Creating: areas in the program cover; Drama – Choir – Dance – Aerobics. Creative arts are also part of this strand and include visual arts and craft activities.
  • Sport: areas of sport whether team (basketball – football- netball etc.) or individual skill-building activities.
  • Thinking: areas in the program that will cover activities such as: Debating – Public Speaking – Model United Nations (MUN) – Chess etc.

After School activities are seen as an important aspect of school life.  They enhance the experiences of the pupils and afford them the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities which they may be able to pursue elsewhere.  They also enhance the ethos of the school and add to the pleasure which pupils associate from attending the school.  Many of the activities also support a healthy lifestyle which has become increasingly important to the well-being of the pupils.  All activities are offered on an equal opportunities basis. In all instances staff give voluntarily of their time and it is thanks to them that the children are offered such a rich and varied menu of possible activities in which to take part.


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