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Nurse’s station

Dear Parents,

Welcome to BISAK! We work hard here to ensure your child learns in a safe, healthy and happy environment.  Please help us to continue this by adhering to the following guidelines:

    1. Children, especially young children need rest when they are ill.  Please do not give your child medication to lower a fever or treat symptoms of illness and then send them to school. Our policy is that a child should be at least 24 hours free of a fever without medication before returning to school.  I would argue that little children in fact need longer as illness can be exhausting for those in the younger age groups and often leaves them unable to work to their full potential.  There should be no concern about children losing school time at this young age because of normal common childhood illnesses.
    2. There is often concern expressed about different viral illnesses – at present it is the corona virus.  The best defense against spread of any illness is for those who are ill to stay away from school or work until they are recovered. Sick children potentially infect other students and staff. For more information regarding the MERS Corona virus please click here.... 
      Please access the following links for tips on proper hand hygiene "Wash your Hands"
    3. In this multinational population of students it is especially important that you provide your child with the best possible defense against potentially serious childhood illnesses like measles, mumps rubella etc.  Booster doses of immunizations are vital so please ensure they are administered promptly.  The nurses would appreciate a copy of immunization certificates as once the boosters have been given.
    4. The nurses do not routines check children for head lice but will do so at your invitation or if requested to do so by a teacher.  BISAK is no different to other schools the world over –head lice are present in this community and so we would highly recommend you keep a eye on your child for the presence of these little visitors. In BISAK we follow the recommendations of the Stafford Report  – a document produced by three consultants in communicable disease in the UK.  It contains very helpful information and advice for parents, schools and community pharmacists and can be found here.

Best wishes,

School Nurse Team




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