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Design & Technology

KeyStage 3

Design and Technology is all about solving problems through designing and making. At BISAK we try to utilise our students’ natural curiosity, encouraging them to develop an understanding of how things work and a critical awareness of the man-made world.

Students cover one major Design and Make Assignment each year, allowing them to develop their skills and their understanding of the Design Process. The Assignments have been selected and planned in line with the National Curriculum requirements in terms of knowledge and breadth of study, to maximise continuity and progression so that the pupils can develop the confidence to become independent problem solvers. The current Design and Make Assignments for Resistant materials  and Food Technology are:

  • Year 7  Packaging – Party food
  • Year 8  Candle Holder - Soup
  • Year 9  Clock – Main meals

All lessons take place in the Workshop/Graphics Room or Food Technology Suite. Students are taught to adopt safe practice when using tools and equipment and computer facilities are readily available to support research and design work at all stages.

Students can go on to study for GCSE (Edexcel) in Graphic Products in Year 10.


GCSE: Graphic Products

Through the application of the design process to carry out design and make activities, this course is largely concerned with visual communication. All work is assessed on the appropriate use of graphic materials and the application of graphic skills. Final solutions are through presentation drawings and models or prototypes.  The students study many drawing methods and graphic techniques as well as develop an understanding of the technology behind the subject.  The subject requires students to demonstrate application and understanding of:

  • materials and components
  • industrial and commercial processes
  • analysing products
  • designing products
  • technology
  • sustainability
  • ethical design and manufacture

The two year course is assessed in year eleven, by a one and a half hour exam weighted at 40%, plus a forty hour design/make project weighted at 60%.

Students who  thrive in this subject are those who excel at investigating, researching, planning and organising.  Students who enjoy Graphic Products tend to have a flair for innovative, creative and imaginative work.   

This course is a foundation for anyone interested in any form of design based career. These might include architecture, media, advertising, promotional work and the packaging industry.



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