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Computer Science

Information and Communication Technology is a constantly evolving subject and is in ever-increasing demand in the job market.  There are now few careers that do not involve at least a basic level of ICT know how.  At BISAK we aim to expose our students to a very broad range of ICT software and hardware.  Our students also develop problem solving skills through problem analysis, flowcharts and programming.

At BISAK we have two full-time ICT teachers, two dedicated ICT suites and a technical support team.  In addition to this we have netbooks, iPads, video cameras and a range of other ICT equipment spread right across the school.  Every classroom is equipped with a digital projector and has network/internet access.  There is high-speed WiFi throughout the campus.


  • In Year 7, students will have the opportunity to develop new ICT skills with the emphasis being on application familiarisation and graphics.  They will use a variety of software in order to complete their assignments and will gain knowledge about how ICT is developing in the ‘real world’ and the emerging technologies which are being used.
  • In Year 8, students will develop more complex ICT skills with the focus being on multimedia software.  They will gain knowledge in animation and photo editing as well as music editing.
  • In Year 9  students will learn about web page design and html coding.  They will gain knowledge in flowcharts and problem solving.  Students will also learn about the impact of ICT on society.


BISAK has recently introduced the Computer Studies iGCSE which has replaced the ICT iGCSE previously offered.  This is a 2 year course and the examination is with the Cambridge exam board.  The Computer Studies course aims to enable candidates to:

  • develop an appreciation of the range and power of computer applications
  • foster an interest in, enjoyment of, and confidence in the use of computing
  • develop the ability to solve problems using computing techniques
  • develop an awareness of the place of computing in society and issues computing raises in society
  • gain a firm understanding of the basic techniquesand knowledge required for computing applications

For further information about the course, please click on the following link:
Cambridge iGCSE Computer Studies



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