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 Our school is registered with MyiMaths, an excellent online resource for help with every aspect of mathematics.    The BBC Primary Schools site has lots of information and things to do for all primary subjects. Check it out!    Make your own stories using sound, text, characters and scenery.   Want to try some crazy science experiments and learn more about the subject at the same time?  
 Check out this excellent interactive site for help with learning not only French, but German and Spanish too!    A range of resources for both children and parents. Click on this link to find stories, puzzles and more!    Please Visit the Site for more information     The new EYFS blog Site. Check out what creativity the little ones are up to.  
Come and see what the year 1's have been up to!    Come and visit our Year 2 blog!   WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YEAR 3?   Year 4 have a great blog running on Word press. Come and Visit!



Year 5 keep a fantastic blog on blogger. Check out what they've been up to lately.    Check out all the interesting things Year 6 have been doing!   



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