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Year 9 Cover Work



Year 9 Cover work  

Mr Bardi's Class as follows:

A new sitcom: To prepare us for this unit, create character profiles for a dysfunctional Family of 6 - Father, Mother, Uncle or Aunt and 3 siblings. Make one of the characters the family jester with a catch phrase.

M. Bardi



Tuesday -Read 'A Brief History of the Simpsons' and find three things which you find interesting. Write them down and explain why you found them interesting. (Text attached)


Wednesday - Write '10 things I like about The Simpsons/10 things I hate about the Simpsons.' If you don't have a personal opinion on it, think of things other people may like/dislike about it.


HWK - Find out what 'Mise-en-scene' is. What things are involved in the 'composition'.


Mr William's class as follows:

Accelerated Reading Programme: read for 20 mins. 
Complete the new Front Cover for the novel: Stone Cold ( with logo, recommendations, blurb details, and colour scheme, variety of different font size).
Prepare a 2 minute presentation speech to the class outlining the alterations and changes you have made to the original Front Cover.

1. Accelerated Reading Programme Reading = 20 mins and prep for the test/quiz on your return to school.

2. Pupils who are in the next round of the Public Speaking Competition need to rehearse your speech in prep.

3. Film Media - Film communicates moving images and dialogue.
    a. List 5 films that have affected you and give the reasons why.
    b. Which film has made the biggest impact on your life and why?

Outline all your answers in separate paragraphs. Write 6 paragraphs in total.

1. 20 mins reading for the AC reading programme.

2. Media images.
Look at the way images of actors are used to create an impact upon an audience. Look at images (on-line) of movie stars, such as Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise or someone of your own choice, who's featuring in a forthcoming (new) movie.

Outline the following in three or four paragraphs of writing:
1. What the images of the actor may suggest about the type of character he/she plays in the movie.
2. How is the movie genre highlighted by use of such images of the actor.

What images would you use, as a film director, to advertise a new film in a poster.
List the genre and the type of images you would use.

Eg. Genre - Image
Horror - strange characters, dark scenes, violent images

Now make your suggestions for other genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Heroism, Biopictures, Sport movies.

Bring all your work to our next lesson.

Mr Lavery

Reading Great Expectations, continue from where they left off.


Compare what life was like during the time of Dickens to what it is like now. Research and complete this as a factual information text using relevant images to enhance meaning. This work should take an hour for each of the categories below so is sufficient for at least a week!!!

Things to write about.

Schools. Discipline, food, teachers, facilities
Home life. Fine if you were rich but if you weren’t it was hard. Heating, hygiene, space, food.
Health. Lack of care. Disease. No technology like today. Food, hygiene.
Crime. Punishment back then was severe even if you were a child. Hanging, workhouses and transportation (sent on your own to Australia and so on), many died on the journey there.










19/11/2013 - Tuesday

Year 9A Set 1 - Pythagoras Theorem – Practice Book (3) Chapter 4

                         Page 21 Ex 4A Q1, Q2        Page 22 Ex 4B Q1à 3

Year 9B Set 2 - Algebra - sim. equations 2 on Myimaths

Year 9C Set 3 - Myimaths

20/11/2013 - Wednesday

Year 9 -  Mr Roman - Year 9 – Chapter 3  - Inequalities. Practice Book (3)

                 Page 18 Ex 3E Q1 à 5

Year 9 - Mrs Senaratne -  Page 72- Extension Q. 1 to 3 Period 3

Year 9 - Miss Demisse - Myimaths

E-mail: Miss Demisse ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Mr Roman ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Mrs Senaratne ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


 21/11/2013 - Thursday

Year 9 set 2- Page 77 - National Test Questions 1 to 6

 Science Mrs Sheihk

Research on solar system. Find out how we measure distances in space? What are the surfaces on Mercury, Venus and Mars made up of?

Mr Dickens

There is a test next lesson on the ‘Carbon Cycle’ section of the text book, prepare for the test. You should also have some unfinished printed sheets with information and questions, complete these as part of your preparation.


19/11/2013 - Tuesday


20/11/2013 - Tuesday

"Where do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?" p28-29 Textbook. Complete activity Questions 1, 2, 4 and 5.

20/11/2013 - Tuesday

"Where do volcanoes and earthquakes happen?" p28-29 Textbook. Complete activity Questions 1, 2, 4 and 5.


The recent rain has caused a number of problems with our ICT systems. The move in the  last number of years to a completely ICT based world has shown how we can rely too much on computers.

If the electricity or telecommunications links go down then the entire system is useles - for example  Traffic Lights in Khobar

In the past we didn't have such a reliance on IT, we used  phone calls instead of emails, man power instead of  robotics.

Choose an aspect of modern life such as Business, Factories, Banking or Communication and write how we functioned before ICT.

Remember to inclide references to any internet research , headers/footers etc.

Produce a one page information sheet on LEVERS.

What is a Lever? Identify the Fulcrum, Effort and Load. What are: First class, Second class and Third class Levers?

Give examples and include pictures.



Las Vacaciones worksheet

a). Is each sentence past / present or future?

b). Read the article answer the foundation and higher questions.


Write an account of a recent holiday – approx. 180 – 230 words
1st paragraph – preterite tense. Where you went, with whom, when how long for, what you did, etc.
2nd paragraph – present tense. What you normally do on holiday
3rd paragraph – future tense. A holiday you are planning.


Remember: to achieve a higher level you need to include all 3 major tenses (and try to add a few conditional tenses as well).
You need opinions, linking words, sequencers, expressions of time (think of the hand by the door!)



Each pupil should create a full song description based on the composition work that is being done in the classroom.

This description should include:

1. Structure (Verse, Chorus etc.)

2. Lyrics

3. Instruments used

4. Mood description for each section.

5. Chord sequences (4 chords for choruses, 2 chords for verses).

These descriptions need to be made clear enough so that anyone unfamiliar with the song would still be able to perform it.



PROJECT: Imagine to prepare a blog about your favourite celebrity (pop star, actor, singer, sport champion,etc.).

Step 1: On an A4 paper write/print a description including

  1. Physical description (height, built, hair, eyes)
  2. Say what they do
  3. Bere they live

Step 2: add pictures, photos

Remember: you do not need “google translator, use the key expressions we did in class which you can find in your exercise book.




20/11/2013 - Wednesday

Art work for Key Stage 3
Each task should be completed within 30 mins.
You can do any worksheet you feel able to complete
ART WORK FOR YEARS 7-9 Worksheet


Year 9 - Drama
Write an evaluation of your court room drama. What worked and what could be improved stating what drama strategies were used and why.

Watch the below link


Complete the following worksheet:


Year 9C

You have been working on Court room Drama

Write how you will/have created your character. How is the character different to you?

Use the role on the wall to show how your character is different.





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