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Year 13 Cover Work


Year 13 Cover work  
 English Mr Bardi's Class 

Mrs Knox's Class as follows:

Spies Chapter 8

Read up to page 162 of the novel ending with 'life's goin round in circles'.
Make notes on what: Barbara knows, what Stephen knows, what the wider group of children know, what the reader knows.
write a short interpretation of what you think is happening in the Hayward household at this time.
Which character's interpretation is closest to your own. What effect does this have?
What's your view on Stephen's comment on page 157, 'I don't know anything about anything.'?
Finish reading the chapter. Add to your list any new betrayals
List the characters who are keeping secrets and what they are.

Come prepared to discuss the work set yesterday on Chapter 8.
Finish reading Chapter 8
List some of the reasons Stephen now feels so alone.


Year 13 - M2 – Mechanics. Newton’s Law of Restitution. Read p104 -108

                 Page 109 Ex 4B Q 1 à> 5

Year 13 – Three pieces of work on Myimaths.

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21/11/2013 - Thursday

Year 13 - Mr Mohammed - Exercise 6 D questions 9 to 12

 Science  All classes teacherweb

Mr Dickens

The plan was to do the preparation of tetraiodomethane (iodoform, CHI3) on Monday and continue with organic theory thereafter, but due to inclement weather we will postpone the experiment until next week. In the meantime you should read about, and make notes on, the structure and properties of carboxylic acids, pages 114 to 118 and power point u4-46.

21/11/2013 - Thursday

By now you have completed the work about the structure and properties of carboxylic acids, if not, do it!

‘Polyesters and Acyl Chlorides’, polyamides (nylon) was covered at IGCSE, the formation of polyesters is very similar the only real difference is that polyamides contain nitrogen which in polyesters is replaced with an oxygen atom. The reactions of acyl chlorides are very similar to those of carboxylic acids, they just react faster. Read pages 125 to 129 of the text book, view and make notes from power point u4-48. Anything you are unsure about make a note and we will look at next time we meet.


Please continue with your essay

  • Outline some of the school factors that may lead to the educational under achievement of pupils from the minority ethnic groups. (16 marks)
Business and Economics

 Finish Chapter 13 and make sure to take notes on the whole chapter (page 72-77) Do the case study on Shoes and the EU (page75). There are 5 definitions to copy and learn from this chapter also.

Read Chapter 14 pages 78 – 81

Take notes on same and do the case study on Heineken page 81.


 You can start to work on Unité 3 “La vie en noir” p. 32-33

  •        Ex 1a and 1b p. 32: reading comprehension
  •        Ex 2a: reading. Read the text about Mohammed Idriss p. 32. Which problems linked to racism and written in the box does he refer to?
  •        Ex3: answer the questions
  •        Ex4: writing. Write a paragraph explaining how immigrants and their children are considered in France

"Managing Biodiversity" make notes on the strategies and policies (p91-94) to manage the threats to biodiversity.

21/11/2103 - Thursday

"Managing Biodiversity" Complete notes on the unit by looking at the "Future" of biodiversity (p95-97). Complete review Question 5, p98. Due first lesson back. Also make sure you are revising for the end of unit test which will take place in the first week back.



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