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If my child is placed on the waiting list, when will we be informed that a place is available?

As soon as the registrar has been given notification in writing from a parent of a child leaving in that particular year group, the next child on the waiting will be contacted to come in for an assessment.

When my child is called for an assessment, how long before we are informed if he/she has been successful?

Please allow a minimum of five working days (not including school holidays) for the result.

If my child is unsuccessful at assessment stage can they be reassessed?

Yes, we can re-assess your child 6 months after the first assessment if there are places still available in the Year group for which your child is registered.  Only one re-test per child will be offered. 

If your child is unsuccessful a second time we will remove your child from the waiting list and refund you the balance of the Registration Fee (4000SAR).  You can apply to re-register your child after a minimum of six months have passed from the second assessment, and only if there is a place available on the waiting list


Will our child have an opportunity to come into the school before their first day?

Primary children as part of their assessment will spend a day in the classroom.

Will our child start on the same day as everyone else?

Not necessarily. It depends on the time of year your child is offered a place.

At the beginning of the year Pre-school and Reception children will have staggered starts for the first week before starting together in week 2 of the first term.

Do we have to wait for Ministry of Education approval before our child can start?

Children who are non- Saudi nationals can start school prior to Ministry of Education approval.  This approval will be sought by the school as part of the admissions process.

Children with Saudi passports have to receive Ministry of Education approval before the application process commences.

What are the fees and how often are fees payable?

Fees charged are dependent on Year Group.  For detail of tuition charges and payment dates, please see information on Fees page.

What is the most convenient way to pay fees?

The Finance office is open from 7.30am to 2.15pm from Sunday to Thursday, although it is much easier for parents to pay fees via bank transfer as per details below.

Our Bank Details


Account Number: 042-004465-001

IBAN No: SA48 4500 0000 0420 0446 5001


Bank Address:

The Saudi British Bank 

King Abdul Aziz Street

PO Box 394

Al Khobar 31952

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

When can my Secondary Child choose their subject options?

Children in Year 9 & Year 11 will select their options from Term 2.

Where can I buy uniform?

Full uniform is available for purchase from the school uniform shop. For more information, please see the School Shop page.



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