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Learning Assistant – Prep School (Supply)

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Job title: Learning Assistant
Responsible to: Phase Leader and Assistant Head of Preparatory
Supervisory Responsibility: None



Main purpose of the job:

The LA will:

  • Work with class teachers to enhance the learning and raise attainment of pupils.
  • Promote pupils’ independence, self-esteem and social inclusion.
  • Give support to pupils, individually or in groups, so they can access the curriculum, take part in learning and experience a sense of achievement.


Teaching and learning

  • Demonstrate an informed and efficient approach to teaching and learning by adopting relevant strategies to support the work of the teacher and improve the learning of all pupils.
  • Promote, support and facilitate inclusion by encouraging participation of all pupils in learning activities.
  • Support the teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum aimed at pupils achieving their full potential in all areas of learning.
  • Use effective behaviour management strategies consistently in line with the school’s policy and procedures.
  • Support class teachers with maintaining good order and discipline among pupils, managing behaviour effectively to ensure a productive and safe learning environment.
  • Organise and manage teaching spaces and resources to help maintain a stimulating and safe learning environment.
  • Observe pupil performance and share observations on to the class teacher.
  • Supervise a class if the teacher is temporarily unavailable.
  • Use ICT skills to advance pupils’ learning.
  • Support class teachers in assessing prospective pupils.
  • To cover and lead class, group or individual teaching (under supervision) as and when appropriate.
  • Undertake any other relevant duties given by the class teacher.


  • Contribute to effective assessment and planning by supporting the monitoring, recording and reporting of pupil performance and progress.
  • Read and understand lesson plans shared prior to lessons.
  • Prepare the classroom/shared area for lessons.
  • Use area of expertise to contribute to the planning and preparation of learning activities, and to plan your role in learning activities.
  • Devise clearly structured activities that interest and motivate learners and advance their learning, if required.
  • Plan how to support the inclusion of pupils in the learning activities, if required.

Working with staff and parents/carers

  • Communicate effectively with other staff members and pupils.
  • Communicate your knowledge and understanding of pupils to other school staff and so that informed decision making can take place on intervention and provision.
  • Contribute to meetings with parents and carers by providing feedback on pupil progress, attainment and barriers to learning, to the class teacher.
  • Understand your role in order to be able to work collaboratively with classroom teachers and other colleagues.
  • Develop effective professional relationships with colleagues.

Health and safety

  • Promote the safety and wellbeing of pupils and help to safeguard pupils’ wellbeing by following the requirements of Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) and our school’s child protection policy.
  • Look after children who are upset or have had accidents.
  • Promote health and safety by checking and ensuring the areas in which you work are safe and hygienic.

Professional development

  • Keep your own knowledge and understanding relevant and up to date by reflecting on your own practice, liaising with school leaders, and identifying relevant professional development to improve personal effectiveness.
  • Take opportunities to build the appropriate skills, qualifications, and/or experience needed for the role, with support from the school.
  • Take part in the school’s appraisal procedures.

Other areas of responsibility


  • Work in line with statutory safeguarding guidance (e.g. Keeping Children Safe in Education) and our safeguarding and child protection policies.
  • Promote the safeguarding of all pupils in the school.

The Learning Assistant will be required to follow school policies and the staff code of conduct.

Kindly email your resume and letter of intent to