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The Mathematics department is comprised of a strong and motivated team of five full time staff. Colleagues share ideas and resources on a regular basis to ensure that pupils feel challenged, inspired and motivated to reach their potential. The success of the department is evident through the very good results achieved by the pupils. We have high expectations and they rise to the challenge.


Key Stage 3

Although the pupils are set by ability, we use a common text so that everybody has the opportunity to access maths at all levels. Independent learning is encouraged through the use of the Myimaths website and additional worksheets on the school VLE - virtual learning environment. The department also organises various mathematics oriented house competitions which the  pupils look forward to.

Pupils complete the UK national curriculum through the Collins New Maths Frameworking scheme over three years.   As with all year groups, pupils are set regular homework with assessments taking place every half term. At the end of Year 7, 8 and 9 progress is again monitored using the end of the year examinations. Year 9 also complete the INCYTE test, an external assessment with the University of Durham which helps the school to independently compare the progress of our pupils with others from different schools. Teachers regularly review the work of pupils, offering support and encouragement. This allows our pupils to understand how to make the progress they can be proud of.


Key Stage 4

The schemes of work for Mathematics at GCSE follow the new Edexcel linear specifications for GCSE from 2010. It aims to offer opportunities to build on knowledge and skills gained during Key Stage 3 to achieve the best possible grade by the end of the course. The course develops a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts with emphasis on problem solving. Units in the linear specification will be studied within all three strands: Statistics & Probability, Number & Algebra and Geometry & Measures.

Key Stage 5 (AS / A2 Level)

Year 12 - AS

In year 12 pupils study 2 modules of Pure Mathematics (C1 and C2), and one module in Mechanics or Statistics, and take examinations in each of these areas. When studying Pure Mathematics at AS / A2 level they will be extending their knowledge of such topics as algebra and trigonometry, as well as learning some new ideas such as calculus.

In Mechanics they will learn how to:

Describe mathematically the motion of objects and how they respond to forces acting upon them.
Apply mathematical modeling techniques; that is, of turning a complicated physical problem into something more simple but realistic.

In statistics they will learn how to analyse and summarise numerical data in order to arrive at conclusions about it. Also included are a range of probability problems and the normal distribution.

Year 13 - A2

Pupils study two more modules of Pure Mathematics (C3 and C4) and choose another module in Mechanics or Statistics. It may be possible for suitably qualified individuals to study for the AS or full A2 in Further Mathematics. 


 Here are some poems that the 6th Form Mathematics students came up with. To view the file please click here....







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