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House System

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House System

House System

Each pupil is placed in a “house” when they join BISAK.  The houses comprise groups of pupils organised vertically through the full age-range and thus allow for some mixing of the year groups. Where possible we place siblings in the same house.  The names and colours of the houses are:

Scotland Blue Ireland Green England Yellow Wales Red

The house provides a focus for healthy competition in the school.  Pupils can earn BISAK Points for special effort or attainment, thoughtfulness and good manners.

Sports and swimming events and other competitions are also point-earners.  House membership does, therefore, provide the pupils with extra motivation to try their best and also gives the pupil a sense of belonging to a group larger than his/her own class.

Pupils will elect their House Captains and Vice Captains for the year. Aspiring House Captains (drawn from Year 6) can canvas support at the annual elections which usually take place in September.

The Registrar allocates pupils to houses, keeping an overall balance.

The names of class BISAK Point winners are published on a weekly, retrospective basis for the Preparatory School.