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University Admissions

BISAK Sixth Form students are highly successful at achieving outstanding academic results and gaining places at the most academically selective universities around the world.

Our expert staff support students throughout the UCAS process, including with subject and university selection and application processes.


There is a plethora of universities to choose from around the world. All have their own specialisms and application processes. Time spent researching the best fit is incredibly valuable, so we advise our pupils to contact universities individually through the university website to see if it is the right place, the right course and the best fit. We organise talks from universities and recommend roadshows to help pupils choose, but these are presided over by representatives who see pupils as customers, so it is always wise to take an objective view of what they promise. Think about personal statements. What can be done to help make them shine? What can be said to make a candidate attractive to a university? We offer help, support and guidance with the writing of these.

UCAS and Common App

When applying to UK universities, pupils will usually go through UCAS. This is a relatively straightforward application process, but it has deadlines that pupils need to be aware of:

  • Medicine/Oxbridge – October 15th
  • General application – January 25th

Pupils need to keep these dates in mind and make sure they have everything in place well in advance. Common App is commonly used for applications to the USA. Deadlines vary for different universities and some universities in the USA require you to apply directly. So, it is important to check with each university as to their application process and requirements.

Medical Student/Oxbridge Candidates

Applications for medical students and Oxbridge candidates close on October 15th.

Year 12 is the time to start working on these applications.

References and personal statements need to be in place well in advance.

We help pupils to check what admission tests are required – BMAT or UCAT for medical students – and where the nearest test centre is. We support them in getting booked in and making sure the test is done in plenty of time.