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School Uniforms

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School Uniforms

BISAK expects our pupils to take pride in wearing their uniforms as it creates identity for our school and a sense of belonging amongst our pupils.

From June 2023, uniform is to be purchased through our partner Zaks.

You can order the uniform online on Zaks website

Or visit their store which is located in Amwaj Mall, Al Khobar.

Check the Catatalog

WhatsApp number: +966 53 656 8944
Email: [email protected]

Preparatory School

All Prep pupils in BISAK are expected to wear a full school uniform. Shoes/trainers should have Velcro fastenings.  Pupils who are too young to tie their shoelaces independently should come to school with shoes with Velcro fasteners. No sandals or open-toed shoes should be worn.

Watches may be worn (except Smart watches), and girls may wear single studs. Other items of jewellery are not allowed. Girls wearing studs will have them taped onto their ears for PE events, as staff are not permitted to remove pupils’ ear-studs. Hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up.  All hair accessories should be black or navy in colour.

All pupils must wear a school sun hat when outside during breaks. The school hat is available from the Uniform Shop. If a pupil fails to wear their hat outside while in the sun, they will be asked to sit/stand in the shade and may lose break-time privileges.


Girls Boys
Red polo shirt Red polo shirt

Navy pull up trousers or shorts – elasticated waist – no buttons/zips, jeans.

Black smart, formal, polishable shoes (NP).

No sandals / open toed shoes.

Navy blue trousers or shorts. Navy pull up trousers – elasticated waist – no buttons/zips. No jeans.

Black smart, formal, polishable shoes (NP).  No sandals / open toed shoes.

Reception to Year 6

Girls Boys
Navy/white striped dress Striped navy/white shirt
Navy pinafore dress  
White polo shirt with blue edging White polo shirt with blue edging

Navy trousers or knee length shorts.

No leggings or jeans under dress.

Navy trousers or knee length shorts. No jeans
Red jumper, cardigan or navy fleece  Red jumper, cardigan or navy fleece

White socks / White or navy tights / Plain black low heel shoes (Velcro or buckle). No sandals / open toed shoes.

Black smart, formal, polishable shoes. No sandals / open toed shoes.

Reception – comfortable black shoes. (NP)

Navy socks, black, smart, formal, polishable shoes (NP).

No sandals / open toed shoes.

Senior School and Sixth form

Pupils should follow the uniform code that includes sensible footwear, no jewellery except a standard watch, no make-up, and no nail polish.

To feel good, a student needs to look good. At BISAK Sixth form we like our students to look professional. Business attire is the look, and we encourage any and all work experience that students wish to partake in.

Year 7 to Year 11

Girls Boys
Black Trousers or skirt/dress which reaches the knee Black trousers (Trousers are to be worn on the waist no sagging is permitted)
Light blue BISAK shirt Light blue BISAK shirt
Navy blue BISAK jumper or fleece Navy blue BISAK jumper or fleece
Dark socks and smart, black, formal, polishable shoes must be worn to school Dark socks and smart, black, formal, polishable shoes must be worn to school


For Girls

  • No makeup is allowed in school.
  • No nail polish or varnish is to be worn at school.
  • Hair must be tied back and only one set of ear studs may be worn in each ear. No other jewellery should be worn in school.

For Boys

  • Hair is to be short, neat and tidy. No hair should be covering or obstructing vision. Boys’ hair should not be dyed, have shaved patterns cut into it, and be worn in mohican style or in ponytails.
  • No jewellery should be worn other than a watch.
  • No facial hair is permitted unless special consideration is given.

Sixth Form Dress Code

To feel good, a Pupil needs to look good. At BISAK Sixth Form we like our pupils to look smart and uniform. We believe, in this way, we are helping to foster inclusivity alongside a sense of belonging and cooperation.

Uniform for Sixth Form Pupils:

  • Black polo shirt with a ‘BISAK Sixth Form’ logo, alongside a similarly logoed black jumper. Both items are available to buy at the uniform shop.
  • Black trousers or skirt.
  • Predominantly black shoes or trainers.
  • Black or white socks.

Hair can be worn in any style for both boys and girls, but it must appear clean. For shaved hair the minimum hair length is a number 2 cut. Long hair (below shoulder) can be worn loose but must be tied back for practical subjects. Facial hair should be trimmed and kempt.

Jewellery is permitted in the Sixth Form: necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. However, emblems considered to be offensive will be asked to be removed and no jewellery is to be worn in PE and DT classes. Excessive, or what could be deemed inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and parents will be requested to personally collect and sign for the items. Any jewellery not claimed by the end of the school year will be donated to charity.

Make-up should be minimal. Visible tattoos are not permitted.


All uniform listed should be bought from school unless we do not provide (‘NP’).

Purchases can be made in person from September 2023 but preferably online.  Refer to the order form and price list; or mail your completed order to [email protected].

Accessories and PE

Navy hat with logo, fleece from 3 years to XX large), backpack, gym bag, water bottle

Plain black game shorts, PE shirt (House colours), white socks, tracksuit trousers (plain black)

Trainers – Nursery to Year 2 (Velcro) – Year 3 to Year 6 (Velcro/Laces)