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Pupils Wellbeing

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Pupils’ Wellbeing

Pastoral Support

The school offers additional pastoral support for nominated pupils. Teachers refer pupils for additional pastoral support provided by our staff.  All meetings are confidential unless otherwise agreed between pupil, pastoral care and parent. The Designated Safeguarding Lead is kept informed of the pupils who have been seen by pastoral care. Only where pastoral care members of staff consider a pupil’s wellbeing to be at risk, will they divulge details of those meetings or will refer details of the meeting/s to other relevant parties.

Part of the school pastoral care service is also to provide help to groups of children to explore and set goals about treating each other well. The aim is to build trust and assist all pupils to communicate positively and effectively. These sessions usually take place when time permits.

Medical Health

The school employs nurses who work from a well-equipped medical room. They are responsible for the overall provision and maintenance of a healthy and safe environment.

The school has many first-aid trained personnel on the staff that can be called upon to support the nurse in case of emergency. It is important that the school is made aware of any changes to your child’s health.


Pupils bring their snack to school in a lunch box.  Parents should ensure that this box is clearly named and contains a range of healthy foods and snacks. All pupils should bring a named water bottle to school every day, containing fresh water.

Pupils must not bring nut or nut products into school (e.g., peanut butter, Nutella or products containing any nuts or sesame seeds). No canned or bottled drinks are permitted, and the school does not encourage the inclusion of sticky or sweet foods such as chocolates and cream cakes. Pupils in Years 3–6 may place an order with the canteen.  The food available will be cold options such as sandwiches and salads.  Orders are collected after Registration and delivered to the classroom before first break. For health and safety reasons, pupils are not allowed to share food.


We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. We expect all staff, volunteers and visitors to share this common commitment.