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How to Apply

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Applying to BISAK

We are delighted you are interested in a BISAK education for your child.

Follow the steps below to aid you with the application process.


Check your child’s Year Group Classification. BISAK abides strictly by these classifications.


Check the availability of places for that year group. Please note that all children are added to a waiting list and registration is not a guarantee of placement.


If there is availability on the registration waiting list, please fill in the Registration Form and Pupil Medication Form.  Ensure print settings are for one-sided printing and the written information and signatures are in blue or black ink. We accept the registration documents and fee by appointment only.


When these documents are complete, please email the registry team at [email protected] to request an appointment to bring in the completed documents and pay the 14,000SR capitation fee. This email MUST include:

  • Child’s Name
  • Child’s date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Age-appropriate year group as per the year group classification table (see important documents)
  • Term or academic year in which you wish your child to commence.

Incomplete registration documentation will result in a declined registration.