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Year 7 Cover Work


Year 7 Cover work  



Mr Bardi's Class 

Mrs Knox' class as follows:

2O minutes silent reading
Finish the letter you started yesterday.

Using the techniques we have explored in class, write an acrostic poem and a kenning about the rain.


Make sure your response to Mrs A Palled and the two poems are in final draft form. (This means you have checked spelling, punctuation and grammar.


You must be ready to quiz on the book you have been reading this week. Bring your book and your notes on the 5Ws to your library lesson on Sunday.


 Mr Lavery's class as follows:

Fact files on Shakespeare and The Globe Theatre. One for each.

Task 1. Research the life and times of Shakespeare. Choose 10 important facts and include suitable images to enhance your document.

Task 2. 10 facts on the Globe with illustrations.

They should be completed as word documents.

When completed print off or save to be printed at school.

This should be the equivalent of at least 2 hours work. I want the facts to be written in your own words!!

 Mr Williams class as follows:

Accelerated Reading Programme: complete 20 mins reading
Preparation for writing an original poem.
Think of any memorable scene from a school trip or family holiday. Draw the scene and label it.
Bring this work along to our next lesson.


1. 20 mins Accelerated Reading Programme - private reding, to be checked by parents.


2. Preparation for writing an original poem:


Think of a person (relative or a celebrity - sportsperson or movie star) who has made an impact on you. Think of a key memory you still have of that person. Sum up what it is that has made this person such a strong influence. Make sure you use plenty of adjectives in you writing.


Use one or two paragraphs to outline your views.


Listen to a favourite piece of music/song. Now describe the rhythm (pattern of sound, beat) is it fast, slow,does the pace vary or is it regular, gentle or powerful, does the rhythm change at all (why), does it repeat itself.


3. Describe the style of the music and say why it appeals to you. Write your answer in no more than two  major paragraphs.


4 Create a powerful visual image, by drawing a labelled sketch to highlight the theme/storyline of your chosen piece of music/song.


Bring all your work to the next class lesson.



 Complete all the questions on 5.3 and 5.4 in Science Works 1 book

Make sure all the questions on 5.3 and 5.4 in Science works 1 book are completed.
Read the chapter 5.5 on p62-63. Do some research and make notes on reaction between acids and metals. What is made when acid reacts with metal?
If you have done all the above, then complete questions on 5.5 in Science works 1.


The recent rain has caused a number of problems with our ICT systems. The move in the  last number of years to a completely ICT based world has shown how we can rely too much on computers.

If the electricity or telecommunications links go down then the entire system is useles - for example  Traffic Lights in Khobar

In the past we didn't have such a reliance on IT, we used  phone calls instead of emails, man power instead of  robotics.

Choose an aspect of modern life such as Business, Factories, Banking or Communication and write how we functioned before ICT.

Remember to inclide references to any internet research , headers/footers etc.


In preparation for your end of unit test on map work you should be revising. Due to school closer your end of unit test will be the first lesson back

To assist you with your revision, please follow the link below. This will take you through all the topics we have covered with an activity and a mini test at the end of each topic. Please work through each activity and test yourself at the end.

As a record I would like see answers in your exercise books for each topic, in total you should have 7 mini tests in your exercise books.


20/11/2013 - Wednesday 


20/11/2013 - Wednesday

Art work for Key Stage 3
Each task should be completed within 30 mins.
You can do any worksheet you feel able to complete
ART WORK FOR YEARS 7-9 Worksheet


Carefully take apart a good example of card packaging and neatly (using a ruler) draw the resulting net. Label the tabs and copy any symbols found.


 Year 7

Dates (1) worksheet

a). Match the dates

b). Write the dates in Spanish



Research via internet ‘Mime’. Describe what it is in your own words.

Based on the Mime research you completed, state how and when you would use mime in a performance. Watch the entire ‘how to mine’ videos. Practice at home


Create a word search using the drama words below. Can you come up with 3 more words? Use the link below to help you create the word search or find another site that you prefer.


Space Mime
Body language
Facial expression
Warm up



 Listen to the song "Wonderwall" by Oasis:

Describe the song structure using words like: Chorus, Verse, Pre-Chorus, Introduction and Bridge.

You can mention lyrics to help you organise the structure.





20/11/2013 - Wednesday

Year 7  – Mrs Senaratne - Year 7 set 1- Page 58- National Test Questions 1 to 5 Period 4

Year 7  – Miss Demisse - Myimaths

Year 7  – Mr Roman - Year 7 – Fractions & Decimals – Chapter 4.

                Page 11 Ex 4B Q1 à7      Page 12Ex 4C Q 1à5

E-mail: Miss Demisse ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Mr Roman ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Mrs Senaratne ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


21/11/2013 - Thursday

Year 7 set 1- work set on myimaths.  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you need help



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