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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 offers a warm and nurturing environment with great resourcing, internationally and locally recruited teaching staff, fantastic facilities and a strong focus on teaching and learning which all help BISAK to provide the best of international primary schooling.

In Key Stage 2 we aim to build on the skills that the students acquired in Key Stage 1 by providing lessons based on the English National Curriculum’s Key Stage 2 (KS2) programmes of study. The aim is to develop a more varied and challenging set of skills, knowledge and understanding in our children so that they will be fully prepared for a successful transition to Secondary education.

While there is a certain amount of discrete lessons taught, our lessons are becoming increasingly cross-curricular in nature. The majority of the subjects are still taught by the class teachers, including English, Mathematics, and the International Primary Curriculum topics while specialist teachers teach Library, Computing, Music, P.E., French and Arabic.

The students are expected to take a greater responsibility for their own learning in KS2 and they are given greater opportunities to develop their social, communication and leadership skills. The homework expectations also increase as pupils progress through the year groups. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of reading so this is assigned as homework on a daily basis.

Carefully planned local and overseas trips promote enjoyment, challenge, independence and self-confidence. The trips range from overnight sleepovers at the school in Year 6, to overseas trips to Greece in Year 5, London in Year 6, and the opportunity for Year 6 students to participate in a whole school Ski trip to Italy.

Parental involvement is encouraged with planned Curricular Parent mornings taking place from Year 3 to Year 6.



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