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Prep Teachers

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The Role

Title:                             Prep School Teacher

Responsible to:            The Head of Prep School and Prep School Leadership Team

Candidate Brief



  • Actively promote and develop the ethos of the school.
  • Lead by example in all professional matters in line with the UK Teaching Standards.
  • Actively establish good relations and open communication with parents.
  • Take a fair and appropriate share of duties.
  • Follow school policies and procedures.
  • Meet deadlines in a timely manner.
  • Set high expectations both academically and socially/emotionally for all pupils in your care.
  • Contribute to the school’s value and ethos.
  • Collaborate with colleagues in areas of planning and assessment and whole school initiatives.
  • Provide a stimulating learning environment through creative and interactive displays and stimulating learning areas.
  • To be punctual, smart and appropriately dressed and to behave in such a manner as is appropriate in line with the requirements laid out in our Staff Code of Conduct.


  • Possess a familiarity with the relationship between the UK EYFS and National Curriculum guidelines, HAS Units of Work, lesson plans and evaluation for the particular year groups/subjects taught.
  • Keep up to date with curriculum developments through reading, CPD training and peer observations.
  • Manage curriculum delivery and associated resources in a manner that challenges and interests pupils and is appropriate to their needs and skill-levels including catering for the needs of all pupils.
  • Take responsibility for curriculum delivery and associated resources in a manner consistent with the school’s policies and procedures.
  • Follow the school’s marking and feedback policy.
  • Write high quality and accurate reports on pupil performance for internal and external use as required.
  • To create written medium and short term planning to ensure that pupils develop at an appropriate pace, with clear differentiated planning and teaching.
  • To use ICT to support and extend all areas of the curriculum, including the use of interactive whiteboards.

Welfare and Disciplinary Matters:

  • Monitor the work of class pupils, providing guidance and advice when needed.
  • Write and maintain relevant records for individual pupil files and write reports.
  • Communicate and consult with parents on a regular basis and in a timely manner.
  • Participate in meetings for any of the purposes above.
  • Participate in the maintaining of high standards of behaviour and dress of pupils in the classroom and in all school locations and activities.
  • Take pastoral interest in pupils in both the curriculum and co-curricular activities so that they feel notices, valued and cared for.


Co-Curricular Activities:

  • Supervise and coach pupils in the after school programme and the extra curricular sports and performing arts programmes.

Professional Development:

  • Follow the school’s appraisal policy and guidance.
  • Participate in CPD initiatives.
  • Seek advice from line managers regarding professional development and career paths.


  • Attend meetings designed to share information necessary for the smooth running of the school and the successful delivery of its programmes.
  • Supervise pupils during non-period time as determined by the duty rota.
  • Supervise classes on behalf of colleagues as determined by the cover schedule.
  • Behave at all times in a manner befitting a role model for the pupils of the school and in a manner that brings only respect to colleagues.
  • To support colleagues as necessary and to work co-operatively as part of a team attending all meetings and CPS sessions.

Safeguarding Health and Safety:

  • Everyone who works at BISAK has the responsibility for promoting the safeguarding and welfare of children.
  • Promote and safeguard the welfare of young people for whom you are responsible and with whom you come into contact.
  • Maintain good order and discipline among the pupils and safeguard their health and safety, both when they are on the school premises and when they are engaged in authorised school activities elsewhere.
  • Be aware of school policies and procedures regarding Child Protection and Safeguarding, and attend relevant training as required.
  • Report all causes for concern to the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • Provide thorough risk assessments as required prior to activities and trips.

Person Specification

Qualifications and Experience
  • Qualified teacher status.
  • Degree or suitable qualification.
  • Successful primary teaching experience.
Skills and Knowledge
  • Knowledge of the National Curriculum.
  • Knowledge of effective teaching and learning strategies.
  • A good understanding of how children learn.
  • Ability to build effective working relationships with pupils and colleagues.
  • Knowledge of guidance and requirements around safeguarding children.
  • Knowledge of effective behaviour management strategies.
  • Good ICT skills, particularly using ICT to support learning.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
Personal Qualities
  • A commitment to getting the best outcomes for all pupils and promoting the ethos and values of the school.
  • High expectations for children’s attainment and progress.
  • Ability to work under pressure and prioritise effectively.
  • Commitment to maintaining confidentiality at all times.
  • Commitment to safeguarding and equality.
  • Well-organised.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Comittment to develop your own professional knowledge and skills as well as of others.
  • Ability to promote a positive and forward looking response to change.

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